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About us


Yes, we’re a sportswear brand. But we’re different. Our mantra is different. Our reason for being is different.


We’re the brave new face for the bravest women there are. The real ones. The ones with stories to tell. The ones with real struggles and hardships, anxieties and worries, the women determined to reach their goals no matter how small they may be or minuscule they may seem. We’re for the women that try and try again. Those that vow to get up one more time than they are knocked down. We’re for the ones who live life.


Real life.


The kind that doesn’t come with filters but with long days and stressful commutes. We’re for those that exercise for a reason.


For peace of mind.


Those that push themselves one more mile. Those that pull on trainers to prove just what can be achieved. To boost their self-worth. We’re for those that love the sound of their feet landing heavy on the treadmill, not because of the calories they are burning but because of the way it makes them think and feel. Those that enjoy running with friends but look forward to the glasses of wine they’ll raise when they’re done. We’re for those who see the rain outside and lace up anyway, knowing their evening run is the one thing that offers them clarity. We’re for those that push through the pain to prove limits can’t be set by others. Those that reach the heights they once thought were impossible. We’re for the ones that enjoy the journey. Those that love to smile.


The ones that always feel

stronger after a run or a swim.


Both mentally and emotionally. These are the women we’re for; the ones that know fitness is just the start of something more.


On the surface we are a women’s sportswear brand. But just as leggings are more than cotton and polyester, there is more to us too. Much more. Everything we strive for is bound by one simple value:


To celebrate substance
as much as performance


That’s our reason for being. To inspire mindfulness through fitness. To be that first domino. The one that encourages a movement. To support you through the tough times and celebrate your big wins. To help you realise you are not defined by your adversities, you are defined by your attitude, something our ambassadors - Sophie Dear, Flora Beverley and Sophie Grace Holmes - know all about.


Your scars are not flaws.

Visible or not.

They are lines in your story.


Chapters in a life that’s been lived; gorgeous reminders that you are a survivor. No one makes it through unscathed. No one. But to hide these parts of your story is to hide a part of you and the world is a much lesser place when you do. We are all united by our insecurities and imperfection; it’s how we wear them that makes us unique.