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Flora Beverley
As a food and fitness blogger, Flora fits the mould. She cares about what fuels her incredible way of life. But what makes Flora so rare is the lifestyle she promotes. Quite simply, Flora is not your average healthy living advocate. She champions the need to live a balanced lifestyle and that means she’s just as likely to have a glass of red in her hand as she is a radish and kale smoothie. She’s a girl after our own heart. She is a girl that knows life is too short to avoid the simple pleasures. But it’s her story to this point that makes her so inspirational.

Throughout her teens, Flora’s relationship with food and fitness was shaky. It rode the same rollercoaster that a lot of people can empathise with: ducking meals, dancing with different dieting fads now and again and, sometimes, letting things go further than this. All of it affected her physical health, her mental wellbeing and, yeah, her happiness too.

She started FoodFitnessFlora to encourage her to eat three meals a day; that was all. No over-eating and no skipping meals. It was meant to be a guide, that motivation to get her back on track. And it worked. She found peace within herself. She transformed her negative obsession into a positive influence, not just in her life, but on all those that have followed her journey.

Since first embracing a more balanced lifestyle, Flora has become a food n’ fitness blogger and mental health advocate with more than one mission: to make healthy living easy, debunk as many dieting myths as possible, show people the C word- carbs- is there to be enjoyed, and help others overcome their personal battles with food and fitness. That last word is the secret ingredient in all this.

It doesn’t matter if you’re lacing up for a run, lifting weights for the first time or walking through the park on your lunch break- fitness is the impetus for balance; the catalyst that leads to a happy and healthy life; the trigger for positivity and mindfulness, as Flora discovered.

Whether you want to learn how to maintain a balanced lifestyle, enjoy a nutritious but delicious diet, be inspired by the different forms of training or just change your attitude toward fitness, there is no one better to follow than Flora Beverley.

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Sophie Dear
Sophie will be the first to say her journey started out pretty normal. Living in London, she quickly found herself in a high-stress environment, working as an assistant TV director; her ninety-hour-weeks becoming the focus of who she was, as the prospect of ever starting a family slipped through her fingers.

Because of this she knows what it’s like to lack balance and control in life and how easily our perceptions of success can be influenced. She knows how the tick-tock of exhaustion can fall under the radar and how the drums of mental health can start off unnoticeable but gradually get louder and louder until everything comes tumbling down.

What makes Sophie so inspiring is how she changed all this. She changed her life completely. She decided to swap her career for health and happiness. She went in pursuit of balance and control. She found a new focus; to get fit. Truly fit. Mentally fit. And she got fit because she loves that feeling of being hardy and healthy, that feeling of being energised and alive, of being mindful and happy; not just in her body, but in every aspect of her life. It was the biggest and bravest decision she ever made. Not content with just improving her own health, happiness and lifestyle, she now helps others do the same.

Here’s the way she sees it: Life is made up of chapters and, while the content is written by us, the narrative is dictated by others. School. College. University. Job. There is barely a moment to catch a breath and think. Barely a moment to find out who you are or focus on what matters most- your mind. We find jobs that pay the rent and we put those jobs before everything else. Our perception of success becomes shaped by others until exhaustion, anxiety, depression, insomnia and mental fragility becomes the norm. But this shouldn’t be the case, and Sophie proves this. She removed herself from these barriers and has become the epitome of self-driven success.

It was Sophie’s normal journey into adulthood that dragged her down and it was fitness that helped her bounce back; it was putting mental wellness at the heart of everything in her life.

To be inspired, to get a new perspective on what’s important, to discover a better definition of success and for proof that fitness can improve your way of life, whatever that may be, there is no one better to follow than Sophie Dear.

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Sophie Holmes
Ask Sophie who she is and the answer will be as humble as they come. She’s a 25-year old fitness fanatic with a passion for all things health and nutrition. But ask anyone that has followed Sophie’s story and her modesty becomes a million times more mesmerising because her story is one that shows the strength of a smile and how unstoppable courage can be.

Sophie’s story started ten weeks early. That’s right. Sophie was so eager to make an impression on the world that she was born 10 weeks premature. Then, at just four-months old, she was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis. On that day, her parents received the heart-breaking and gut-punching news that Sophie may not make it through her teens and, since that day, she has been proving predictions wrong and that her and limits don’t really get on.

Through sheer will, true grit and self-belief, Sophie has earned the right to think everyone is able to achieve something extraordinary because she is proof of what is possible when you believe in yourself. Sophie is proof that you are defined by your attitude, not your adversity. Her battle with cystic fibrosis is not over. Not by a long shot. But through that passion for health, fitness and nutrition, Sophie has made sure her disorder does not define her. It is simply a chapter in her story; a part of who she is.

Whether you want to learn more about cystic fibrosis, feel empowered to achieve anything or just take the first step to a more positive life through fitness, follow Sophie Grace Holmes.

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